WiFi Antennas (2.4GHz and 5.8GHz)

Multi-polarized antennas for indoor, outdoor, and mobile 802.11 communications.

WiFi antennas are deployed in applications with IEEE 802.11x, a wireless networking technology that uses radio waves to provide high-speed network and Internet connections. The x in IEEE 802.11x indicates that WiFi, a trademarked term, applies to any 802.11 version. WiFi is often compared to WiMAX, another wireless networking protocol that lets devices communicate without direct cable connections. WiFI has a much shorter data range, however, and is used with computers, printers, and other peripherals in local area networks (LANs).

Antennas for WiFi networks can operate at 2.4GHz (2400MHz) and/or 5GHz (5000MHz). To provide more consistent coverage and higher data throughput rates, MP Antenna designs and manufacturers antennas that multi-polarized. With standard antenna technology, line-of-sight (LOS) paths are commonly disturbed by obstructions that cause reflectivity, multi-path, absorption, and phasing. Multi-polarized antennas reduce signal degradation and provide users with consistent voice and data communications in non-line-of-sight (NLOS) applications. 

ImageSKUNameFrequency RangeDetailshf:att:pa_mounting_typehf:att:pa_radiation_patternhf:att:pa_feeds
MPSL5000UAV Antenna MPSL50005000-6000MHzMore Infodirect_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
Rugged Antenna
MP0930-4XHDMining Antenna MP0930-4XHD2GHz to 3GHz, 4.9GHz to 6GHzMore Infosurface_mountomnidirectional_antennasmulti_feed
Rugged Antenna
MP0930-3XHDMining Antenna MP0930-3XHD2GHz to 3GHz, 4.9GHz to 6GHzMore Infosurface_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
Rugged Antenna
MP0930-2XHDMining Antenna MP0930-2XHD2GHz to 3GHz, 4.9GHz to 6GHzMore Infosurface_mountomnidirectional_antennasmulti_feed
Rugged Antenna
MP0930-1XHDMining Antenna MP0930-1XHD2GHz to 3GHz, 4.9GHz to 6GHzMore Infosurface_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
Rugged Antenna
MP0928-1XHDMining Antenna MP0928-1XHD2GHz to 3GHzMore Infosurface_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
Multi-Band 7 Feed Rugged Antenna
MP-R-7XB-1222339-USB-MMulti-Band 7 Feed Rugged Antenna902 to 928MHz, 2GHz to 3GHz, 4.9GHz to 6GHz, GPS.More Infosurface_mountomnidirectional_antennasmulti_feed
7 feed rugged antenna
MP-R-7XB-1222333-USB-MMulti-Band 7 Feed Rugged Antenna2GHz to 3GHz, 4.9GHz to 6GHz, GPS.More Infosurface_mountomnidirectional_antennasmulti_feed
Multi-Band 5 Feed Rugged Antenna
MP-R-5XB-12233-USB-MMulti-Band 5 Feed Rugged Antenna2GHz to 3GHz, 4.9GHz to 6GHz, GPS.More Infosurface_mountomnidirectional_antennasmulti_feed
5GHz MIMO Sector
08-ANT-1072MIMO Sector Antenna 08-ANT-10725GHz to 5.9GHzMore Infomast_mountdirectional_antennasmulti_feed
2.4 GHz MIMO Sector
08-ANT-1071MIMO Sector Antenna 08-ANT-10712.4GHz to 2.5GHzMore Infomast_mountdirectional_antennasmulti_feed
2.4GHz Bi-Directional Antenna
08-ANT-1070Rail Antenna 08-ANT-10702.3GHz to 2.5GHzMore Infosurface_mountbi_directiona_antennassingle_feed
wayside antenna 5ghz
08-ANT-1041Wayside Antenna 08-ANT-10414.9GHz to 6GHzMore Infosurface_mountbi_directiona_antennasmulti_feed
5ghz bi-directional
08-ANT-1039Rail Antenna 08-ANT-10394.9GHz to 6GHzMore Infosurface_mountbi_directiona_antennasmulti_feed
08-ANT-0957WiFi Antenna 08-ANT-09575.4GHz to 6GHzMore Infodirect_mount surface_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
08-ANT-0956Wireless Antenna 08-ANT-09562.2GHz to 2.6GHzMore Infodirect_mount surface_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
08-ANT-0956 | 08-ANT-0952 | 08-ANT-0930
08-ANT-0952WiFi Antenna 08-ANT-09522.4GHz and 5GHzMore Infodirect_mount surface_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
08-ANT-0947WiFi Antenna 08-ANT-09475.15MHz to 5.9GHzMore Infonmo_mobile_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
08-ANT-0944WiFi Antenna 08-ANT-09442GHz to 3GHz, 4.9GHz to 6GHzMore Infosurface_mountomnidirectional_antennasmulti_feed
08-ANT-0943WiFi Antenna 08-ANT-09432GHz to 3GHz, 4.9GHz to 6GHzMore Infoceiling_mount surface_mountomnidirectional_antennasmulti_feed
08-ANT-0942Wireless Antenna 08-ANT-09422GHz to 3GHzMore Infoceiling_mount surface_mountmulti_feed
08-ANT-0941Public Safety Antenna 08-ANT-09414GHz to 6GHzMore Infoceiling_mount surface_mountomnidirectional_antennasmulti_feed
08-ANT-0940Wireless Antenna 08-ANT-09402GHz to 3GHzMore Infosurface_mountomnidirectional_antennasmulti_feed
08-ANT-0937-3X mimo antenna
08-ANT-0937-3X5GHz 3x3 MIMO Antenna 08-ANT-0937-3X4.9GHz to 6GHzMore Infosurface_mountomnidirectional_antennasmulti_feed
08-ANT-0937-3X mimo antenna
08-ANT-0937Public Safety Antenna 08-ANT-09374.9GHz to 6GHzMore Infosurface_mountomnidirectional_antennasmulti_feed
08-ANT-0936PTC Antenna 08-ANT-09362GHz to 3GHz, 4.9GHz to 6GHzMore Infonmo_mobile_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
08-ANT-0930Wireless Antenna 08-ANT-09302GHz to 3GHz, 4.9GHz to 6GHzMore Infosurface_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
08-ANT-0928WiFi Antenna 08-ANT-09285.1GHz to 5.9GHzMore Infosurface_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
08-ANT-0923Wireless Antenna 08-ANT-09232GHz to 3GHzMore Infosurface_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
08-ANT-0904Wireless Antenna 08-ANT-09042GHz to 3GHz, 4.9GHz to 6GHzMore Infonmo_mobile_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
08-ANT-0900WiFi Antenna 08-ANT-09004.9GHz to 5.9GHzMore Infomast_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
08-ANT-0899Wireless Antenna 08-ANT-08992GHz to 3GHzMore Infonmo_mobile_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
5ghz bi-directional
08-ANT-0894Wireless Antenna 09-ANT-08942.4GHz to 6GHzMore Infoceiling_mount surface_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
08-ANT-0886WiFi Antenna 08-ANT-08862.4GHz to 2.5GHzMore Infomast_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
08-ANT-0883WiFi Antenna 08-ANT-08832.4GHz to 2.5GHzMore Infomast_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
08-ANT-0880WiFi Antenna 08-ANT-08804.9GHz to 5.9GHzMore Infomast_mountdirectional_antennassingle_feed
sector antenna 5ghz 08-ANT-0879
08-ANT-0879WiFi Antenna 08-ANT-08794.9GHz to 5.9GHzMore Infomast_mountdirectional_antennassingle_feed
trident antenna 2.4ghz 08-ANT-0874
08-ANT-0874WiFi Antenna 08-ANT-08742GHz to 3GHzMore Infodirect_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
sector antenna 2.4ghz 08-ANT-0868
08-ANT-0868WiFi Antenna 08-ANT-08682GHz to 2.7GHzMore Infomast_mountdirectional_antennassingle_feed
08-ANT-0867WiFi Antenna 08-ANT-08672GHz to 2.7GHzMore Infomast_mountdirectional_antennassingle_feed

MIMO WiFi Antennas

Multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) antennas for WiFi networks combine two or more antennas in a single physical package to increase data throughput and range. There are two main MIMO formats: spatial diversity and spatial multiplexing. By using multiple transmission and receiving antennas, MIMO multiplies the capacity of radio frequency (RF) communications. WiFi MIMO antennas are available in different form factors and may be designed for indoor or outdoor use.

Surface Mount Antennas

Surface mount antennas for WiFi frequencies are usually installed on a metal surface or ground plane such as vehicle roof, trunk, or dashboard. In buildings, they may be attached to a bulkhead. Typically, outdoor surface mount antennas have a weatherproof radome. These antennas may meet IP standards and provide protection against dust and water. Indoor surface mount antennas may install above the ceiling for concealment or support flush mounting.

Base Station and Mobile Antennas

Base station and mobile antennas for WiFi are also available for 2.4GHz and/or 5.8GHz frequency ranges. Base station antennas transmit to and receive signals from multiple mobile antennas. Typically, WiFi base station antennas are installed on towers, rooftops, or other elevated locations. They can cover a single frequency band or multiple frequency bands.

WiFi Antennas for All 802.11 Wireless Systems

MP Antenna designs and manufacturers antennas for all 802.11 wireless systems. Contact us to learn more and let us know what you need.