Antenna Manufacturer With Engineered Solutions

MP Antenna of Elyria, Ohio (USA) is an antenna manufacturer with engineered solutions and the most advanced antennas on the market. Our antenna products feature patented 3D designs and built-in spatial and polarization diversity to provide you with consistent communications in any situation. Learn more about our multi-polarized antennas and how we can help you solve non-line-of-sight (NLOS) challenges. 

Increased Throughput

With the highest efficiency on the market, MP Antennas provide your system the most consistent signal possible,  eliminating jitter, slow throughput speeds, and intermodulation. 

Maximum Diversity

MP Antenna manufacturers the most advanced Antennas on the market that feature patented three dimensional designs and built in Spatial and Polarization Diversity on every feed.


Our patented designs outperform all other NLOS antennas by making use of radio waves that are misaligned due to elevation, grade, and orientation changes.  


Solve Multi-Path problems. MP Antennas are designed to eliminate multi-path by transmitting and receiving signals in numerous polarizations and on spatially diverse planes.

Networks with traditional linear-polarized antenna technology are commonly disturbed by weather conditions and physical obstructions that cause reflectivity, multi-path, absorption, and phasing. RSSI readings in a dynamically obstructed environment show how multi-polarized antennas provide improved performance over singularly polarized and multiple feed MIMO antennas, allowing for consistent voice and data communications in any network deployment. MP Antenna is the antenna manufacturer with the multi-polarized antennas that you need.


Antennas are not a one size fits all solution for all applications. Our team of designers focus on every aspect, including size,  performance, material selection, and ease of installation.


Our in house testing facility features an anechoic chamber that allows our engineers to quickly characterize antenna designs and match them with customer requirements.
CNC Antenna


MP Antenna offers a line of stock antenna products and also specializes in custom antenna solutions. Our expert team can quickly prototype a solution for testing to meet your requirements.

Antenna Manufacturing


Our antennas are designed and manufactured in the USA and we offer shorter lead times than the competition. Our process starts with raw materials allowing for flexibility in component design to meet the specific needs of our customers.


Hemispheric Omni

Omni Pattern in an upward direction to provide coverage above, or below when inverted.  


Full Pattern Omni

Omni Pattern in an outward direction covering both above and below. 


Single Directional

Single direction pattern, used to focus majority of coverage in a single direction. 



Dual opposed directional pattern, ideal for rail and bus applications where vehicles are traveling on a predictable path.  

Mast Mount Antennas

Antenna Attaches to a mast or pole with a bracket or mount. Can be customized to allow for adjustment.  

Rail Antennas

Surface Mount Antennas

Antenna is installed on the surface through a hole, hiding cabling and connectors from wear and tear.


Direct Mount Antennas

Antenna is attached directly to a radio, or bulkhead connector. Does not require an additional metal surface to operate.

Bracket mount Antennas

Antenna is installed on a bracket that is attached to a vertical surface.  Can be highly customized for specific use cases.

MP Antenna Patented Products and Technology

Protected under one or more of the United States Patents, and other United States and Foreign patents applied for.

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