RFQ Antenna

Use the RFQ Antenna form below to request a quote for an antenna. Fields marked with an asterisk are required. Please provide a brief description of your needs in the Application Notes field. At MP Antenna, we design and manufacture engineered solutions that are tailored to your requirements. Options include coax type, coax length, mounting options, and connector types. Completing the RFQ Antenna form is just the first step, but our team of engineers appreciates that time is of the essence. That’s why our antenna specialists work hard to deliver complete solutions that meet your deadlines.



RFQ Form

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How to Complete the RFQ Antenna Form

Use the first two fields of the RFQ Antenna Form to enter your First Name and Last Name.

Enter your Street Address and, if necessary, an Address Line 2. Typically, this is a P.O. Box or a unit number.

Enter the City for your mailing address. Then specify your State, Province or Region

Enter the Zip or Postal Code associated with your mailing address.

The next four fields are free-form fields. Use them to enter the quantity and any key specifications for the antenna that you need. Examples include the frequency band or range in kHz, MHz, or GHz. You could also indicate whether the desired coverage for the antenna product is directional or omnidirectional.  Additional specs for the RFQ Antenna Form include coaxial length, connector type, and normal operating temperature.