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MP Antenna is an antenna solutions manufacturer that specializes in the design and manufacturing of multi-polarized antennas. This type of antenna features a three-dimensional element design that incorporates built in Spatial and Polarization Diversity and improves wireless communications in any application. Our patented antennas outperform all other NLOS purported antennas in quality and reliability, while providing network users with consistent and predictable connectivity. 

Increased Throughput

With the highest efficiency on the market, MP Antennas provide your system the most consistent signal possible,  eliminating jitter, slow throughput speeds, and intermodulation.


Maximum Diversity

MP Antenna manufacturers the most advanced Antennas on the market that feature patented three dimensional designs and built in Spatial and Polarization Diversity on every feed.



Our patented designs outperform all other NLOS antennas by making use of radio waves that are misaligned due to elevation, grade, and orientation changes.  



Solve Multi-Path problems. MP Antennas are designed to eliminate multi-path by transmitting and receiving signals in numerous polarizations and on spatially diverse planes.

CNC Antenna

Smart Manufacturing

MP Antenna manufacturers all products at their Ohio facility in the USA and focuses on the fastest delivery available, eliminating long lead times and minimum order quantities.  

Custom Design

MP Antenna offers custom tailored antennas to meet any wireless system requirement, without the custom cost. Size constraints, weight reduction, speed ratings,  and mounting challenges shouldn’t hold up your deployment. Increased loss from adapters and cables that are too long can impact performance, contact us today to discuss your project.

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Proven Success

For over a decade, MP Antenna has designed and manufactured products that have improved networks worldwide.  We work with engineers to provide the ideal antenna for any application and have completed countless hours of real world testing, solving some of the most difficult wireless connectivity issues. 

Ultralight, Superior Patterning, UAV Drone Antennas
Indestructible Antennas for rugged applications

Reduce Multipath and Coverage Issues Caused by Shipping Containers, Cranes and Other Obstructions.

Mitigate Multipath caused by Equipment, Machinery and Inventory.

Increased Throughput – Bi-Directional Patterning

Small Form Factor Multi-Polarized Antennas

How Brackets Affect Antenna Performance

Bracket Mounting Best Practices MP Antenna makes brackets for the antennas we design and manufacture. We also have an in-house anechoic chamber that we use

Custom Antennas for Sideline Radios

NFL coaches use a multi-tiered communication system to talk to each other and to players on the field. There’s a base station that looks like

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VHF and UHF Antennas

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• HAM Radio and Scanner Antennas
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WiFi 2.4GHz and 5GHz

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• All 802.11 Wireless Systems

700MHz – 900MHz Antennas

• Two- Way Radio Antennas
• LTE – Smart Grid – SCADA
• DAS and BDA Antennas
• Base Station And Mobile Antennas


• DAS and BDA Antennas
• Surface Mount Antennas
• Mobile Broadband Antennas
• 3.5GHz – 3.7GHz CBRS Antennas

WIMAX 2.3GHz – 3.7GHz

• MIMO Wimax Antennas
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4.9GHz Public Safety

• 4.9GHz MIMO Antennas
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