HAM Radio and Scanner Antennas

Multi-polarized antennas for HAM radio and scanners in VHF and UHF bands

HAM radio and scanner antennas are used with amateur radio and public safety monitoring. They are designed for very high frequency (VHF) and ultra-high frequency (UHF) communications. Unlike standard antennas, MP Antenna’s products are multi-polarized to reduce signal degradation and support consistent voice and data. These Made in USA antennas are ideal for non-line-of-sight (NLOS) applications where wireless paths are disturbed by obstructions that cause reflectivity, multi-path, absorption, and phasing. See the product table and additional sections below for more information.

ImageSKUNameFrequency RangeDetailshf:att:pa_technologyhf:att:pa_mounting_typehf:att:pa_radiation_patternhf:att:pa_feeds
08-ANT-0891UHF VHF Antenna 08-ANT-0891400MHz to 500MHzMore Infovhf_uhfmast_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
08-ANT-0865UHF VHF Antenna 08-ANT-086525MHz to 1300MHzMore Infovhf_uhfnmo_mobile_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
08-ANT-0864UHF VHF Antenna 08-ANT-0864400MHz to 500MHzMore Infovhf_uhfnmo_mobile_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
08-ANT-0863UHF VHF Antenna 08-ANT-086325MHz to 1300MHzMore Infovhf_uhfmast_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
08-ANT-0861UHF VHF Antenna 08-ANT-086125MHz to 6GHzMore Infovhf_uhfmast_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
08-ANT-0860UHF VHF Antenna 08-ANT-086025MHz to 6GHzMore Infovhf_uhfnmo_mobile_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed

Amateur Radio Antennas

Amateur radio antennas include vertical antennas that combine a low angle of radiation with complete 360-degree coverage for transmitting and receiving. Because they’re multi-polarized, products from MP Antenna perform reliably when line-of-sight (LOS) communications aren’t possible. Other types of HAM radio antennas include end fed wire antennas, wire dipoles, inverted V dipoles, and Yagi antennas.

Weather Alert Antennas  

Weather alert antennas are designed to receive transmissions from the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Weather radios monitor the frequencies that NOAA uses to broadcast current conditions and 24-hour weather alerts. Examples of NOAA weather radio alerts include flood watches and blizzard warnings.  

Base Station and Mobile Antennas

Base station and mobile antennas work together to enable radio communications. Base station antennas transmit and receive signals to and from mobile antennas. Each base station can serve a limited number of mobile devices, however. Typically, base station antennas are installed on towers or rooftops. Mobile antennas are installed on vehicles such as police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances.

Public Safety Monitoring Antennas

Public safety monitoring antennas are used with all-hazards radios and police scanners. Many police scanner antennas are wide band devices that require a BNC Female or SMA Female connector.  Mobile scanner antennas also require a specific connector type along with coaxial cable and a mount. Discone, dipole, and Yagi antennas are used as home scanner antennas.

Other HAM Radio and Scanner Antennas

MP Antenna designs and manufacturers many types of HAM radio and scanner antennas. In addition to frequency range, product specifications include gain, power, color, and horizontal and vertical radiation patterns. With their build-in spatial and polarization diversity, their performance in obstructed environments is better than that of standard antennas with similar or higher laboratory gains.

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