MP Antenna Accessories: Easy to Order, Ready to Customize


Did you know that MP makes antenna accessories like coaxial cables, brackets and mounts, jumpers, and ground planes? They’re specifically designed to support our products and combine the convenience of one-stop shopping with quality customization. Ask MP to make custom accessories for your multi-polarized antennas, and we’ll design what you need and send you prototypes for review.

The following sections describe the antenna accessories that we make and the value they provide.

Coaxial Cables

Large industrial distributors can customize your connectors, but they only sell coaxial cables in standard lengths. If you need non-standard lengths instead, MP Antenna can buy a spool of cable and cut it to size for you. You’ll get the convenience of receiving what you really need, and from the same vendor you already trust for your antenna products. Of course, MP can customize your cable connectors as well.       


Some of our customers don’t know we make jumpers, but we can supply them for our equipment. Even if our jumpers cost a bit more, you can be sure you’re getting accessories that are designed to work with our multi-polarized antennas, which feature MP’s patented technology. The jumpers you buy somewhere else might not work unless you can test them first. 

Brackets and Mounts

When a mining technology company wanted high-definition antennas from MP, our customer needed to account for how a major OEM mounted these devices. That’s when MP provided bracket mounts for a complete solution. We can also supply screw-on NMO mounts for applications like the two-way radios in emergency vehicles such as police cars. 

Ground Planes

Every antenna needs a ground plane, but some antennas don’t have one that’s built-in. It’s also worth considering that antenna frequency determines ground plane size. Higher frequencies require smaller ground planes, and lower frequencies require larger ones. MP Antenna can make custom ground planes for you, including adhesive-backed foils that are concave in shape for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

MP’s Antenna Accessories Add Value

Antenna accessories from MP simplify sourcing and deliver Made in America quality every time. If you need high volumes, we’re flexible enough to send some of your order right away and the remaining quantities later on. Because what we make is customized, we don’t keep large inventories on hand. However, if we’ve made something like what you need before, we can quickly make it again.

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