Custom Radio Enclosures for OEM Radio Boards


MP Antenna is more than an antenna manufacturer. We also make custom radio enclosures for OEM radio boards. Whether we work with the radio manufacturer or the end user, we deliver more than just a machined metal box. The custom aluminum cases that we provide are sized for your application and can incorporate features like power switches, reset buttons, and Ethernet ports. We’re always ready to suggest what we think you need, but we’ll leave it up to you to decide.  

Radio Manufacturers and End Users

As the premiere manufacturer of multi-polarized antennas, MP Antenna enjoys strong relationships with radio manufacturers. We never want to interfere with the relationships that makers of OEM radio boards have with their customers. What we always offer, however, is a way for radio manufacturers to focus on their core capabilities while increasing customer satisfaction. When we work with OEM radio board users instead, we also add value by helping them improve radio communications.

Weather-Resistant and Ruggedized

In some industries, that means providing custom radio enclosures that are weather-resistant. Along with in-house CNC machining, MP Antenna can perform wind and water testing at our Elyria, Ohio (USA) facility. We can also build custom enclosures to IP standards, provide ruggedized cases, and supply enclosures in different form factors than an OEM radio board manufacturer may offer. Much of what we do depends on the RF connectors and data interfaces involved. But what you’ll always get is a tailor-made solution.

Made in America

MP Antenna is proud to provide Made in America products and works with a local and dependable supply chain for services that we don’t perform in-house. For example, if you need a custom radio enclosure that’s powder-coated or anodized, we can deliver it. That’s the difference in partnering with an antenna manufacturer that adds value. You could buy an off-the-shelf enclosure instead, but it might be larger than you need and lack the features that you really want.

Two examples showcase MP Antenna’s ability to create custom radio enclosures for OEM radio boards.

Radio Manufacturer 1

This radio manufacturer sold an OEM radio board without a case or enclosure. That’s fine for deployments inside an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), but it’s not as attractive for outdoor applications. When the radio manufacturer asked MP Antenna to design and manufacture a custom radio enclosure, we did more than provide a shiny metal box. We incorporated power switches, reset buttons, and Ethernet ports. We also included a link status light so that users can tell if a radio is powered up, but the link isn’t active.     

These features helped the radio manufacturer to make its radios even more marketable. A heavy equipment attachment manufacturer liked these features so much that the company bought 500 radios. As the pictures below show, our machined aluminum cases are both rugged and robust. On the left, note the connections for our antennas and for power and Ethernet connections. On the right, a view of the case from above shows the quality of our metalworking.  

Radio Manufacturer 2

This radio manufacturer makes radios for industrial wireless mesh networks and supplies a leading provider of rail and transit solutions. Because some of this radio manufacturers radios have many antenna mounts, weatherproofing individual mounts can be time-consuming. MP Antenna provided weatherproof enclosures that sped antenna installation. This complete solution included MP Antenna’s multi-polarized antennas for non-line-of-sight (NLOS) communications in obstructed environments.

Choose MP Antenna

Are you looking for an antenna manufacturer that adds greater value? In addition to custom radio enclosures, MP Antenna makes antenna brackets. Whether you manufacture OEM radio boards or deploy them in challenging environments, we invite you to learn more about our capabilities.

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