Indoor Network Antennas

Multi-polarized antennas for indoor wireless networks

Indoor network antennas are used in hospitals, universities, stores, offices, call centers, and other settings that depend upon indoor wireless communications. Because they’re multi-polarized, MP Antenna’s products can overcome obstructions such as walls and floors for better building coverage. Our multi-polarized antennas also provide faster throughput for wireless devices. Designed to transmit and receive in all polarizations, these indoor network antennas allow users to be heard loud and clear. Compared to standard antennas, they reduce signal degradation and provide consistent voice and data communications in any situation. See the product table and additional sections below for more information.

ImageSKUNameFrequency RangeDetailshf:att:pa_technologyhf:att:pa_mounting_typehf:att:pa_radiation_patternhf:att:pa_feeds
MPSL900UAV Antenna MPSL900902-928MHzMore Info700_900direct_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
MPSL5000UAV Antenna MPSL50005000-6000MHzMore Info245wifidirect_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
MPSL4400UAV Antenna MPSL44004400-5000MHzMore Infovhf_uhfdirect_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
MPSL3650UAV Antenna MPSL36503550-3700MHzMore Infowimaxdirect_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
MPSL2400UAV Antenna MPSL24002400-2500MHzMore Infovhf_uhfdirect_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
MPSL2200+4400UAV Antenna MPSL2200+44002.2GHz-2.5GHz and 4.4GHz-5GHzMore Infovhf_uhfdirect_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
MPSL2200UAV S-Band Antenna MPSL22002200-2500MHz S-BandMore Infovhf_uhfdirect_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
MPSL1800UAV Antenna MPSL18001780-1850MHzMore Infovhf_uhfdirect_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
MPSL1625-2500UAV Antenna MPSL1625-25001625-2500MHzMore Infovhf_uhfdirect_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
MPSL1300UAV Antenna MPSL13001350-1440MHzMore Infovhf_uhfdirect_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
08-ANT-1095CBRS Antenna 08-ANT-10953.5GHz to 3.7GHzMore Info5g_4g_3g_ltedirect_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
08-ANT-1062WiFi Antenna 08-ANT-10624.9GHz and 5GHzMore Info245wifidirect_mount surface_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
08-ANT-1045WiFi Antenna 08-ANT-10455.1GHz and 5.3GHzMore Info245wifidirect_mount surface_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
08-ANT-0985WiFi Antenna 08-ANT-09854.9 - 6GHzMore Info245wifi 49_public_safetydirect_mount surface_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
08-ANT-0960Wireless Antenna 08-ANT-09603GHz to 4GHzMore Infowimax 5g_4g_3g_lteceiling_mount surface_mountomnidirectional_antennasmulti_feed
08-ANT-0957WiFi Antenna 08-ANT-09575.4GHz to 6GHzMore Info245wifidirect_mount surface_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
08-ANT-0956Wireless Antenna 08-ANT-09562.2GHz to 2.6GHzMore Infowimax 245wifidirect_mount surface_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
08-ANT-0952WiFi Antenna 08-ANT-09522.4GHz and 5GHzMore Info245wifidirect_mount surface_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
08-ANT-0943WiFi Antenna 08-ANT-09432GHz to 3GHz, 4.9GHz to 6GHzMore Info245wificeiling_mount surface_mountomnidirectional_antennasmulti_feed
08-ANT-0942Wireless Antenna 08-ANT-09422GHz to 3GHzMore Infowimax 245wificeiling_mount surface_mountmulti_feed
08-ANT-0941Public Safety Antenna 08-ANT-09414GHz to 6GHzMore Info245wificeiling_mount surface_mountomnidirectional_antennasmulti_feed
08-ANT-0928WiFi Antenna 08-ANT-09285.1GHz to 5.9GHzMore Info245wifisurface_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
08-ANT-0923Wireless Antenna 08-ANT-09232GHz to 3GHzMore Info245wifisurface_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
08-ANT-0908UHF VHF Antenna 08-ANT-0908Various 12MHz BandwidthMore Infovhf_uhfceiling_mount surface_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
08-ANT-0901Omni Directional Antenna 08-ANT-0901896MHz to 960MHzMore Info700_900ceiling_mount surface_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
5ghz bi-directional
08-ANT-0894Wireless Antenna 09-ANT-08942.4GHz to 6GHzMore Info245wificeiling_mount surface_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
08-ANT-0885DAS Antenna 08-ANT-0885700MHz to 2700MHzMore Info5g_4g_3g_lteceiling_mount surface_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
08-ANT-0874WiFi Antenna 08-ANT-08742GHz to 3GHzMore Info245wifidirect_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed

2.4 GHz Antennas

2.4 GHz antennas are designed to transmit and receive in the 2.4 GHz frequency band. They’re used with wireless routers that provide access to the Internet or to a private computer network such as a LAN or WAN. 2.4 GHz antennas provide good coverage for farther distances but may perform at slower speeds if used with too many devices.

5 GHz Antennas

5 GHz antennas are designed to transmit and receive in the 5 GHz frequency band. Compared to 2.4 GHz devices, these indoor network antennas support higher speeds over smaller distances. 5 GHz antennas may also support a greater number of devices and experience less interference since many more 2.4 GHz devices are currently in use.  

Dual Band Antennas

Dual band antennas are used with dual-band routers, wireless devices that broadcast both a 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz signal from the same unit. Depending on their capabilities, these indoor network antennas can work on these frequencies one at a time or simultaneously.  Applications for dual band antennas include cellular or dual band wireless access points.

VoIP Antennas

VoIP antennas are designed for use with voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems that transport media streams using special media delivery protocols and audio and video encoding. Digital information is packetized and transmitted over a packet-switched network instead of a circuit-switched network. VoIP antennas for wireless communications are available at both the consumer and enterprise levels.  

Other Indoor Network Antennas

MP Antenna also designs and manufacturers many other types of indoor network antennas that optimize wireless coverage and work with popular wireless coverage. For example, our directional antennas concentrate WiFi strength for excellent point-to-point reception over long ranges. These WiFI directional antennas include panels and parabolic grids.

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