Outdoor Network Antennas

Multi-polarized antennas for outdoor wireless networks

Outdoor network antennas are used in deployments where trees, buildings, and dynamic conditions such as weather can interfere with wireless communications. Unlike standard antennas, MP Antenna’s products are designed to solve real-world connectivity issues where obstructions are to blame. That’s because our antennas are multi-polarized for reduced signal degradation. They support consistent voice and data communications in any situation and are Made in the USA for the highest quality. See the product table and additional sections below for more information. 

Point to Point Antennas

Point to point antennas (P2P) are used between two endpoints. To support bidirectional traffic flow, these nodes use either frequency division multiplexing or time-division multiplexing. For fixed links, high gain directional antennas are used over long ranges. Point to point or P2P radios are often used in remote or rural environments.

Point to Multi-Point Antennas

Point to multi-point antennas (P2MP) are used in deployments where a central device such as a base station antenna broadcasts signals to more than one receiving antenna. With these P2MP, PTMP, or PMP antennas, time-division multiplexing or frequency division multiplexing allows for bidirectional traffic flow. Wireless Internet and IP telephony typically use point to multi-point communications.   

WiFi Network Antennas

WiFi network antennas are deployed with devices or systems that use WiFi, a popular wireless technology for high-speed Internet and network connections. The connection range of a WiFi device depends on the antenna power gain. Omnidirectional WiFi antennas provide 360-degree coverage. Directional WiFi antennas are used to extend the range of a network into hard-to-reach locations.  

5G 4G LTE Antennas

5G 4G LTE antennas are a broad category of outdoor network antennas. 5G antennas use multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) technology to support a large number of connections. 4G antennas are used with 4G networks and can handle extremely fast data speeds. LTE antennas support 700MHz service while WiMAX antennas support 802.11.

Other Outdoor Network Antennas

MP Antenna designs and manufacturers many types of wireless antennas for outdoor wireless networks. For example, Yagi antennas are used at some surface installations in satellite communications systems. Our multi-polarized can also be used with wireless bridges and mobile hotspots. Often, these devices are elevated are pole mounted.

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