WIMAX Antennas (2.3GHz to 3.7GHz)

Multi-polarized antennas for WiMAX frequencies and networks

WiMAX antennas are deployed in applications that use Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX), a family of broadband communications standards based on IEEE 802.16.  WiMAX is often compared to Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11x), another wireless networking protocol that lets devices communicate without direct cable connections. However, WiMAX has a much larger network range and is useful in non-line-of-sight (NLOS) applications where weather conditions and physical obstructions cause reflectivity, multi-path, absorption, and phasing.

That’s why MP Antenna designs and manufactures multi-polarized, three-dimensional antennas for WiMAX in the 2.3GHz to 3.7GHz frequency range. These patented antennas are Made in America and used in 2.5GHz and 3.65GHz deployments. Choose from a variety of cabling and antenna connector options in a range of different dBi gains, custom mounting types, and enclosures. Compared to standard antennas, our multi-polarized antennas provide increased data throughput and enhanced voice clarity while operating in both indoor and outdoor environments where multi-path is present.  

ImageSKUNameFrequency RangeDetailshf:att:pa_mounting_typehf:att:pa_radiation_patternhf:att:pa_feeds
MPSL3650UAV Antenna MPSL36503550-3700MHzMore Infodirect_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
08-ANT-0974Wireless Antenna 08-ANT-09744.9GHz to 6GHzMore Infoceiling_mount surface_mountomnidirectional_antennasmulti_feed
08-ANT-0960Wireless Antenna 08-ANT-09603GHz to 4GHzMore Infoceiling_mount surface_mountomnidirectional_antennasmulti_feed
08-ANT-0956Wireless Antenna 08-ANT-09562.2GHz to 2.6GHzMore Infodirect_mount surface_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
08-ANT-0942Wireless Antenna 08-ANT-09422GHz to 3GHzMore Infoceiling_mount surface_mountmulti_feed
08-ANT-0929Wireless Antenna 08-ANT-09293.3GHz to 3.7GHzMore Infosurface_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
08-ANT-0903Wireless Antenna 08-ANT-09033GHz to 4GHzMore Infonmo_mobile_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed

MIMO Antennas

Multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) antennas for WiMAX networks combine two or more antennas in a single physical package to increase data throughput and range. There are two main MIMO formats: spatial diversity and spatial multiplexing. By using multiple transmission and receiving antennas, MIMO multiplies the capacity of radio frequency (RF) communications. WiMAX MIMO antennas are available in different form factors and may be designed for indoor or outdoor use.

Surface Mount Antennas

Surface mount antennas for are usually installed on a metal surface or ground plane such as vehicle roof, trunk, or dashboard. With buildings, they can be attached to a bulkhead. Typically, outdoor versions of surface mount antennas have a weatherproof radome. Devices that meet IP standards and provide protection against the ingress of dust and water are also available. Indoor surface mount antennas may support flush mounting to the ceiling or install above the ceiling for concealment.

Base Station and Mobile Antennas

Base station and mobile antennas for WiMAX frequencies also cover the 2.3GHz to 3.7GHz range. Base station antennas transmit to and receive signals from multiple mobile antennas. Typically, WiMAX base station antennas are installed on towers, rooftops, or other elevated locations. They can cover a single frequency band or multiple frequency bands.

WiMAX Multi-Polarized Antennas

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