Get Better Mobile Network Coverage with MP Antenna’s Advanced Technology


MP Antenna’s advanced multi-polarized antennas with built-in spatial diversity can significantly enhance the performance of any mobile network compared to conventional antennas. The multi-polarized design provides superior signal strength and coverage, while the built-in spatial diversity reduces multi-path cancellation, a common problem with in-building manufacturing and warehouse networks filled with metal obstructions like machinery, racking and structural components.

With MP Antenna’s in-house design, development, and testing capabilities, we can quickly produce and ship custom antennas with mounting brackets, cables, and connectors optimized for specific mobile applications. Our RF test chamber allows us to ensure that our antennas are thoroughly tested and perform at the highest level, in real-world scenarios.

There is no such thing as a non-critical wireless network.  Any network within a manufacturing or warehousing environment that does not function properly can cost companies significant amount of money even being down for a few seconds or minutes. MP Antenna’s technology can improve mobile network reliability and reduce downtime significantly.  We have many real-world implementations with some of the largest and best-known companies.  They have realized significant savings through improved network coverage, reliability and throughput that is only possible using MP Antenna’s multi-polarized antenna technology.  In addition, our products are made in the USA providing customers with real time technical support, rapid development and delivery of a customized and better performing antenna solution within weeks or even days. 

Don’t let the limitations of conventional antennas hold back your mobile network. Let MP Antenna’s advanced multi-polarized antenna technology elevate your network to the next level.

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