Improving Connectivity for Logging Industry

MP Antenna Improves Connectivity Logging Industry


Improve connectivity between logging equipment and base stations.

Antenna Manufacturing


Omnidirectional and sector antennas that are multi-polarized


The logging industry needs reliable audio and video communications to monitor and manage operations. In wooded areas, however, the antennas that are used with logging equipment are subject to numerous line of sight (LOS) obstructions. In addition to tall trees, hills and rock formations can obstruct the transmission of wireless signals. Logging antennas also need to withstand wind, weather, a range of outdoor temperatures, and even flying debris. 

For a manufacturer of logging machines and attachments, connectivity is key. Yet customers couldn’t always maintain a reliable connection for video transmissions. Ideally, the communications equipment that was installed  could provide long-range, high-throughput data links between mobile units and control stations. With the particular challenges of logging environments, however, a tree could fall in the woods without a base station ever hearing or seeing it.  


The solution to the company’s problems came from MP Antenna of Elyria, Ohio, a leading designer and manufacturer of Made in USA antennas. The 2.4 GHz antennas that MP supplied to this manufacturer of logging machines and attachments were easy to integrate with very small radios from a well-known supplier. MP provided two types of antennas for high-definition (HD) video: omnidirectional antennas for superior patterning and sector antennas for wide area coverage.  

Both types of antennas are multi-polarized so that they propagate signals with considerably less loss than other types of antennas. Multi-polarized antennas from MP also perform well in obstructed environments and feature a three-dimensional element design that’s designed to improve wireless communications, including video. Antennas from MP are also available with ruggedized enclosures that can withstand more than just wind and weather. If you’re looking to make the cut, contact us.