Improving Connectivity for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

MP Antenna Improves Connectivity for UAVs


Improve connectivity while supporting light weighting 

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Custom enclosures with integrated, multi-polarized antennas


UAVs need to maintain reliable communications with base stations under non-light-of-sight (NLOS) conditions. In rough or elevated terrain, however, everything from hills and mountains to trees and rock formations can obstruct the transmission of wireless signals. Beyond line of sight propagation (BLOS), a type of NLOS, complicates these challenges over long distances.

Overcoming BLOS is especially important in military applications for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR). For a developer of revolutionary products, including ones for the defense and aerospace industries, connectivity is key. The company developed an entirely new class of unmanned aerial systems (UAS), including vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) craft for extended flights.

In addition to antennas that support NLOS and BLOS communications, the UAS developer and manufacturer needed antenna enclosures that were both durable and lightweight. The requirements also included support for an existing low-SWaP (size, weight, and power) radio that is designed for the dynamic communications challenges faced by makers of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles.   


The solution to the company’s problems came from MP Antenna of Elyria, Ohio, a leading designer and manufacturer of UAV antennas. MP’s SwarmLink™ Antennas are designed specifically for unmanned aerial systems and are multi-polarized to overcome polarization mismatches, signal degradation, and NLOS/BLOS issues. The benefits include increased network throughput speeds and improved coverage.

SwarmLink™ Antennas are also ultra-lightweight and support the use of custom enclosures. They work well with low-SWaP mesh radios and are Made in the USA instead of overseas – an important consideration with defense and security applications. Importantly, SwarmLink™ Antennas work in real-world environments where other antennas fail to connect.

Unlike other antenna manufacturers, MP works with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to field-test its antenna products under actual application conditions. Because unmanned systems need to meet rigorous testing and maintenance requirements, MP Antenna gladly puts its own products to the test. If you’re looking to fly higher, farther, and with more reliable communications, contact us.