Antenna Selection for Cellular Coverage in Stadiums

MP Antenna Improves Connectivity for Stadiums


Improve wireless communications and eliminate dead spots


Mobius DAS antennas that reduce multipath cancellation


Stadiums are filled with thousands of fans who want to use their cellphones at the same time. Security personnel at these events also need reliable communications. Poor cell service and slow data speeds are frustrating, but having too many antennas can cause interference. Putting antennas on a building’s ceiling can support indoor communications, but outdoor venues without a rooftop need a different solution.

Still, ceiling-mounted antennas alone aren’t the answer. Thick concrete walls and steel-reinforced floors provide a stadium’s structure, but they also complicate cellular coverage. Venues also have exposed steel beams that cause transmissions to bounce-off or reflect. It’s a problem even when a stadium is equipped with amplifiers that let service providers increase bandwidth capacity.

At outdoor stadiums, antennas also need to withstand tough weather conditions. In the U.S. Northeast and Midwest, snow and cold mean football weather, and vice versa. Across the Sunbelt, temperatures can soar at gametime as the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays strike communications infrastructure. Ultimately, an outdoor stadium needs antennas that provide a complete solution.


A distributed antenna system (DAS) can address poor coverage through a network of relatively small antennas that serve as repeaters. Stringing cables between antennas is labor-intensive, however, and cables eventually need to be replaced. With Mobius DAS antennas from MP Antenna, a stadium found a wireless solution that improved cellular coverage and also withstood the weather.

MP Antenna of Elyria, Ohio (USA) uses a patented multi-polarized element design that captures radio waves multi-dimensionally. These antennas act like multiple antennas connected together, which significantly reduces the chance for multipath cancellation. Importantly, in obstructed places like stadiums, MP’s multi-polarized antennas work where other antennas fail to connect.

Mobius DAS antennas from MP are built with UV-stabilized polymers and high-grade aluminum. They can withstand a wide range of outdoor temperatures (-40°C to 85°C) and provide superior patterning and continuous performance whether it’s the pre-season or the Super Bowl. For a winning strategy for stadium cell communications, add MP Antenna to your team.