MP Antenna Ltd.: Exclusive Multi-polarized Antenna Technology Designed, Manufactured and Made in the USA.


In the world of wireless network design, antennas are often not given the attention they deserve, despite being a crucial component of a wireless network. This can lead to last-minute network issues that surface once the system is deployed in the real world. As such, antenna manufacturers who can respond quickly with design revisions, prototyping, in-house manufacturing , being made in the USA and product validation are crucial in rapidly addressing last minute issues and ensuring long term success of the wireless network.

The value of partnering with MP Antenna, Ltd., who manufactures antennas exclusively in the United States becomes even more apparent in this context. By keeping the manufacturing process in-house, MP Antenna maintains greater control over the design and production process, which is essential for quickly responding to and resolving last-minute network issues. This level of control can lead to shorter lead times, faster turnaround for design revisions, rapid prototyping, and product validation.  On numerous occasions MP Antenna engineers have proposed, built and delivered successful state of the art antenna solutions in days, not weeks. 

Furthermore, manufacturing antennas in the United States can lead to greater efficiency and overall cost savings. Although labor costs may be higher in the United States compared to some overseas suppliers, these costs are offset by reducing transportation expense, avoiding shipping delays and reducing the need for inventory holding.  Our value is measured by how quickly we deliver real world mobile wireless improvements.  In high productivity automation and high value mobile network environments the savings by quickly resolving issues far outweigh the antenna cost. The faster we can get a solution in a customer’s hands, the better.  Most off the shelf antenna suppliers are just supply chain managers, working to get standard products into customers hands as quickly as possible.  MP Antenna is different, we focus on responding to resolve last-minute network issues with a customized solution for each specific application with our in-house network system knowledge, design and manufacturing engineering and extensive production capabilities.

In conclusion, if you are under pressure to design or improve an existing mobile or automation wireless network check out MP Antenna at