Improving Connectivity in Autonomous Racing

MP Antenna's High-Performance, Low-Profile Solution


Improve mesh radio performance in autonomous race cars.

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Deliver compact multi-polarized antennas at lightning speed.


The Indy Autonomous Challenge (IAC) is speeding up the commercialization of fully autonomous vehicles. Student teams from around the world are overcoming obstacles, and so are the companies that support them. When a mesh radio manufacturer needed antennas that wouldn’t lose connectivity as autonomous race cars made banked turns, MP Antenna provided a high-performance, low-profile solution – and fast. 

The mesh radio manufacturer had installed antennas with vertical and horizontal polarization, but that wasn’t enough to overcome racetrack obstructions. Plus, these original antennas were large and not aerodynamic. Antennas from MP’s competitors were then tried, but each trial failed. Finally, when time was short and the race was just days away, engineers at the mesh radio manufacturer insisted on MP.


MP Antenna answered the call and recommended its Micro Omni Antennas. These small but powerful wireless devices are multi-polarized for continuous coverage and are ideal for highly obstructed deployments with non-line-of-sight (NLOS) communications. Plus, with their compact design, these thimble-sized antennas won’t cause aerodynamic drag like the larger antennas that they replaced.  

The IAC wanted a high-performance, low-profile antenna, but the mesh radio manufacturer still needed to perform field trials and install Micro Omni Antennas on all of the autonomous vehicles. MP’s multi-polarized antennas passed tough tests and the Made in USA manufacturer delivered antennas with plenty of time for installation. Before the checkered flag was ever waved, improved connectivity was the winner.      

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