Antenna Applications

Antenna applications for multi-polarized antennas include mining and agriculture networks, indoor and outdoor deployments, automatic guided vehicles (AGVs), unmanned systems, transit and rail, and HAM radio and scanners. Land mobile radio, mobile data, and DAS and BDA are also common antenna applications. 

With standard antennas, line-of-sight (LOS) paths are commonly disturbed by weather and obstructions that cause reflectivity, multi-path, absorption, and phasing. That’s why MP Antenna designs and manufactures multi-polarized antennas that reduce signal degradation and provide users with consistent voice and data communications in any situation. Moreover, all of our antenna products are proudly Made in the USA.

Find Products for Antenna Applications

Mining Network Antennas

Above ground and underground mining antennas that meet MSHA standards  

Automatic Guided Vehicle Antennas

AGV solutions for antenna applications with machinery, racking, and other obstructions in factories

Agriculture Network Antennas

Agriculture antennas for smart farms, autonomous vehicles, and irrigation

UAV UGV and Drone Antenna

Antenna applications for unmanned systems, semi-autonomous, or fully-autonomous vehicles 

Transit and Rail Antennas

Rugged antennas for positive train control (PTC), data offload, and live video streaming

Land Mobile Radio Antennas

Two way radio antennas that support public safety communications

Indoor Network Antennas

Indoor antennas for WiFi, VoIP, and office networks

Outdoor Network Antennas

Point to multi-point, WiFi, WiMax, 5G, 4G LTE antennas 

DAS and BDA Antennas

Cellular BDA and DAS, outdoor DAS, VHF/UHF BDA and DAS antennas

Mobile Data Antennas

WiFi, cellular, 5G, and 4G LTE antennas with voice and data coverage and mobile broadband.                                                 4.9GHz public safety antennas


HAM Radio and Scanner Antennas

Antennas for amateur radio, weather alerts, and public safety monitoring 

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Multi-Path Mitigation

Solve Multi-Path problems. MP Antennas are designed to eliminate multi-path by transmitting and receiving signals in numerous polarizations and on spatially diverse planes.

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Increased Data Throughput

With the highest efficiency on the market, MP Antennas provide your system the most consistent signal possible, eliminating jitter and slow throughput speeds.

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Maximum Diversity

MP Antenna has the most advanced antennas on the market that feature patented three dimensional designs and built in Spatial and Polarization Diversity on every feed.