4.9 GHz Band Public Safety Radio Antennas

4.9GHz Radio Antennas for public safety band Communications.

4.9GHz Antennas are utilized for Public Safety as defined under Part 90 rule section 90.523 FCC. The federal government is not eligible for 4.9 GHz licenses but can share state and local public safety systems. The 4.9 GHz band has been allocated to public safety for broadband wireless communications and applications for 4.9GHz Antennas include: • Wireless LANS for incident scene management • Mobile data • Video security• VoIP• PDA connectivity• Hotspots• T1 line replacement • Broadband permanent fixed point-to-point operations are co-primary to base mobile and temporary fixed operations • Narrowband permanent fixed point-to-point operations are secondary to base/mobile and temporary fixed operations. With standard antenna technology, Line-of-Sight paths are commonly disturbed by weather and obstructions that cause reflectivity, multi-path, absorption, and phasing. Multi-Polarized 4.9GHz antennas reduce signal degradation and provide users with consistent voice and data communications in any situation. MP Antenna offers a variety of antenna products for 4.9 GHz wireless networks featuring a variety of cabling and connector options in a range of different dBi Gains, Custom mounting types, and enclosures.
ImageSKUNameFrequency RangeDetailshf:att:pa_mounting_typehf:att:pa_radiation_patternhf:att:pa_feeds
08-ANT-0913Public Safety Antenna 08-ANT-09134.9GHz to 4.99GHzMore Infomast_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed
08-ANT-0927Public Safety Antenna 08-ANT-09274.9GHz to 4.99GHzMore Infosurface_mountomnidirectional_antennassingle_feed