Train Antenna for Wireless Voice, Data and Video Communications


High gain, bi-directional antenna provides superior coverage and connectivity for voice, data, and video communications in transit and rail communications

train antenna | bi-directional antenna on top of train

Elyria, Ohio (USA) – MP Antenna, the exclusive developer and manufacturer of advanced Multi-Polarized antennas, is announcing a new bi-directional, high-gain antenna that helps solve the wireless communications challenges of the rail and transit industries. MP Antenna’s model 08-ANT-0974 is a train antenna that provides superior front-and-rear or side-to-side coverage in outdoor environments where high obstructions such as metal poles and bridges can cause reflection cancelation.

Train Antenna Demands

“Demand for live video feeds and security communications on rail and transit systems is growing,” said Adam Doskocil, President of MP Antenna, “Integrators need every edge they can get to provide seamless real time streaming video.” The MP Antenna Model 08-ANT-0974 “sharpens this edge,” Doskocil added, “because it’s a high gain, Multi-polarized, bi-directional solution for higher, more consistent data transfer rates on mobile wireless systems”.

train antenna | bi-directional antenna on top of train side view
Train antenna

Designed for spatial and polarization diversity, the MP Antenna model 08-ANT-0974 train antenna has a frequency range of 4.9 GHz to 6 GHz, gain of 8 dBi, and VSWR of < 1.5:1. Compared to standard antennas with similar or higher laboratory gains, the MP Antenna Model 08-ANT-0974 provides more reliable performance in obstructed environments. This single-feed, bi-directional, multi-polarized solution is also RoHS compliant, designed to meet rail standards, and has an IP67 rating. Compact and lightweight, the MP Antenna model 08-ANT-0974 is also rugged and ready-for-mounting. Just 4.5 inches (114.3 mm) in diameter and 2.5-inches (63.5 mm) tall, it’s protected by a low-profile radome made from a high-performance, UV-stable polymer and can withstand temperatures from -40° to 85° C. The MP Antenna Model 08-ANT-0974 attaches easily to any surface with a 3/4 inch stud mount, and custom mounting configurations for rail and transit vehicle rooftops are available.

About MP Antenna

MP Antenna, LTD is the exclusive developer and manufacturer of Multi-Polarized antennas for demanding applications such as public safety, wireless broadband systems, WiFi, WiMax, video monitoring systems, 3G, CDMA, GSM, PCS, and LTE. The company’s product line improves signal penetration and connectivity in obstructed deployments, providing increased data throughput, enhanced voice clarity, and multi-path mitigation.

MP Antenna’s products are protected under numerous U.S. patents with many U.S. and foreign patents pending. The American company is privately-held, and designs and manufacturers its products in the United States at its headquarters located near Cleveland, Ohio. Contact us to learn more about our train antennas.