Rugged Multi-Band Antenna Reduces Footprint, Lowers Installation Costs, and Improves Performance for Wireless Deployments


ELYRIA, Ohio – March 26, 2020 – MP Antenna, the exclusive developer and manufacturer of advanced Multi-Polarized Antennas, is announcing the official launch of its new MP-R Series Antennas for wireless deployments. These Made in the USA antennas are ideal for mining networks, port communications, industrial automation, autonomous vehicle connectivity, and other harsh environments that require a ruggedized solution.

MP-R Series Antennas provide superior patterning and continuous wideband performance for frequencies that include 2.4GHz / 4.9GHz / 5.8GHz, 802.11 WiFi, 900MHz ISM, LTE, CBRS, 5G and dual band systems.  These new antennas feature a rugged machined enclosure, multiple antenna feeds, and an integrated GPS module. Importantly, they eliminate the need to mount multiple single-feed antennas separately.

Heavy Duty Antenna

“Our engineers have designed and built an indestructible antenna solution that will reduce installation costs and eliminate the need for as many as seven different antennas on top of a vehicle,” explained Adam Doskocil, President of MP Antenna. “The MP-R Series began with three models to pair with specific mesh radio solutions,” he added. “Now, we’re expanding our offering to match other network equipment as well as provide custom solutions to our customers.” 

MP-R Series Antennas are ideal for multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) wireless systems and offer increased spatial and polarization diversity between antenna feeds to overcome fading, interference, and multi-path. These ruggedized antennas have a unique design and offer diversity between feeds. They’re also designed with patented multi-element radiators that provide each separate feed its own spatial and polarization diversity to further improve bandwidth efficiency and system reliability.

Moreover, MP-R Series Antennas are highly customizable and are available with any number of antenna feeds in a single radome. They have an integrated ground plane and high-quality connectors for maximum system performance. These Made in the USA antennas support either permanent or temporary mounting. MP Antenna supplies magnetic or suction cup mounting accessories for temporary mounting.

MP Antenna, LTD. is the exclusive developer and manufacturer of Multi-Polarized antennas for demanding applications such as public safety, wireless broadband systems, WiFi, video monitoring systems, 5G, CBRS, and LTE. Our product line improves signal penetration and connectivity in obstructed deployments while providing increased data throughput, enhanced voice clarity, and multi-path mitigation. MP Antenna’s products are protected under numerous U.S. patents with many U.S. and foreign patents pending. MP Antenna is privately-held and designs and manufactures its products near Cleveland, Ohio, USA. To learn more about us, visit