Mining Antennas with Heavy-Duty Brackets Speed Development and Cut Costs


MP Antenna recently purchased a laser cutter so that we can prototype and manufacture heavy-duty brackets for our mining antennas. Our new equipment makes fast, accurate cuts and complements our existing metalworking capabilities, which include bending. Because there’s no tooling to wait for or pay for, fiber laser cutting supports prototyping that’s both rapid and cost-efficient. MP Antenna makes a full line of standard mining antennas but can also turn your ideas for custom mining antennas into reality.

Whether you’re a mining equipment company or a systems integrator, you’ll like how MP Antenna will work with you across multiple design iterations and support you from product development through manufacturing. Because there’s no tooling scrap, fiber laser cutting lets you make changes quickly, cost-effectively, and without stalling project timelines. When a mining technology company needed a custom antenna quickly, we worked with them closely and provided a solution in just five hours.      

Antenna Bracket

The heavy-duty antenna brackets that MP Antenna makes in-house come with standard fasteners and arrive ready-to-install. With their sturdy construction, these metal brackets complement our full line of ruggedized mining antennas, which are built to withstand some of the world’s most demanding conditions. Now, instead of producing your custom antenna and then waiting for a heavy-duty bracket to arrive, we can tackle the entire project at our Elyria, Ohio (USA) manufacturing facility.

When you purchase products from MP Antenna, you’ll get multi-polarized antennas that work in both polarizations to improve signal strength. Our antennas can mitigate multi-path interference and support reliable mining communications in obstructed environments, such as underground tunnels. Typical applications include autonomous (AVs) vehicles such as loaders, bulldozers, trucks, and haulers. Because our mining antennas have a compact footprint, our heavy-duty brackets also take up less space.