Fix Connectivity Issues in Drone, Transport and IoT Applications

IoT-related spending is expected to grow 26 percent annually through 2026. The estimate is based on the growth of connected devices and the investment in network infrastructure to carry WiFi, RFID, RF and microwave communications.

As the wireless world grows, networks will be pushed to the limit of bandwidth and capacity.

Nodes, routers and access points that cost thousands of dollars to link multi-billion dollar operations rely on $10 antennas to transmit and receive the signals that are powering overloaded networks.

To help you make the right purchase decisions, MP Antenna developed the Connecting Wireless Communications Guide to address key network issues and deliver wireless success:

  • Multipath signal interference
  • Ground station performance
  • Industrial connectivity
  • Network durability

Making the right purchasing decision is important to long-term success. To maximize your network investment, arm yourself with the right wireless infrastructure knowledge. The guide contains a mix of infographics, technology profiles and highlights key trends.